Mahima Group : With a firm existence for more than three decades

Jaipur. With a firm existence for more than three decades in the real estate sector of Rajasthan, Mahima Group has successfully established 30 years of presence across the various verticals of infrastructural development. Having completed and delivered 8 Million Sq. Ft of area, currently, the firm has 3.16 Million Sq. ft. under construction. Mahima Group delivered timeless quality in the commercial developments with the four most popular Commercial Complexes that have now turned into the landmarks of the city. Not only Mahima Group ruled the builder market of luxurious livings but also delivered refined living in the affordable range.

Mahima Group has grown into a highly motivated team of 500+ professionals working in various fields with a single agenda to take the firm to a higher position. Winning over smiles of satisfaction from 2600+ families dwelling in their 24+ completed projects, Mahima Group enjoys a unique position in the real estate builder market associating with 100+ national and international brands in their malls.


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