Dagur's Academy : Student comfort, growth and satisfaction are primary goals

Jaipur. With over a decade of experience as Ex IRS, RAS & Scientist Mr. Raghuveer Singh Dagur founded the Dagurs Academy to support and share his knowledge with the enthusiastic aspiring IAS/IPS/IFS/RAS aspirants of Rajasthan and all over India.

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Dagurs Academy was formed to make sure that the IAS/IPS/IFS/RAS aspirants not only become topper in their respective exams but also be future ready. In order to face the complex situations during their service period, it is important to nurture and enhance the best qualities and capabilities of each aspirant. Taking these into consideration, different methods which incorporate workshops, training, test series and specially designed study material are formulated.

Student comfort, growth and satisfaction are primary goals. Trying to quench the thirst of the inquisitive minds of the students, along with classroom training web based portal and mobile apps are also available. To attain best and maximum results it is ensured that there are limited number of students in each batch. Taking the primary goal into consideration, separate batches are formed for English and Hindi medium to help the student refrain from hesitation and communication barrier.


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